Richard Raymond, D.M.D, M.Sc.D. Diplomate of the American Board of Endodontics

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During Root Canal Treatment

  • You will be escorted into a treatment room and seated in a very comfortable Tempur-Pedic chair. Dr. Raymond will come in and talk with you. He’ll see how you are feeling and answer any questions you have. Before any treatment can be done, we first perform a complete examination. Diagnosing oral and facial pain can be very complex and we want to spend the time to determine if endodontic therapy is right for you. With the help of digital radiography, the dental operating microscope, and clinical photography, and 3D Cone Beam CT scanning, we show each patient exactly what is going on in and around their teeth. Each tool plays an important role in helping the patient to understand and visualize the problem. With this level of information, our patients are informed and confident in their treatment. Click here to learn more about the cutting edge technology we use.
  • We understand that you may be highly anxious about having endodontic therapy. We use advanced anesthetic techniques to ensure that your root canal treatment is comfortable. For anxious patients, you have an option to have Nitrous Gas and Oral Sedation and in certain cases IV/conscious sedation, whereby most patients will not remember their treatment at all. Click here to learn more.
  • Dr. Raymond and his assistant use a state-of-the-art dental operating microscope and the most advanced endodontic tools to help ensure a comfortable and successful treatment. Treatment times vary by patient, but usually average between 1 to 2 hours.
  • In most cases, one root canal is all that is needed for any given tooth. However, on rare occasions, re-treatment or an apicoectomy may be necessary to save the tooth.