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Dec 02, 2016 by Shameka H
Excellent Experience!
From the consultation, to the procedure, to the follow up (which was extremely thoughtful) Dr.Raymond and his team were A+! Every touch point (including Lauren initially on the phone)was personal and professional! I had options but I am glad I chose Dr.Raymond and Modern Endodontics. I would highly recommend!

Nov 25, 2016 by JoAnne Higgins
I could not have imagined a root canal being so easy. Dr. Raymond was so professional, compassionate, and understanding. It was completely painless, and he even called to follow up on me!

Nov 25, 2016 by Ray Lampros
Sets the bar for personal service.
Dr. Raymond and his staff are consummate professionals. His office was kind enough to work me in at the end of a week. Upon arrival I was impressed with how courteous everyone was. Dr. Raymond was friendly, informative, and thrifty with my budget by suggesting the best approach to address my particular needs. My treatment plan was fully explained before we started. I was comfortable throughout the procedure and was surprised by how quickly it was completed. Personal follow up over a holiday weekend was particularly impressive. I would quickly recommend this practice to anyone.

Nov 25, 2016 by Julian Lecraw jr
The root canal that was performed went extremely well.they made sure i was informed and comfortable at all times and would recommend dr. Raymond to anyone

Nov 16, 2016 by Hope Dowdy
Endodontics Patient
Dr. Raymond did a very good job with my very involved root canal! Great skill and service from him and his staff. I very much appreciated the follow up call and concern. It's always refreshing to experience good customer service!!!

Nov 16, 2016 by Janet Sterling
I forgot to mention the staff
Shame on me!!! How could I forget the staff? Everybody in this practice was so awesome. Lauren you are the face that customer see when they first walk in and you make it look so easy. Im speaking of the job you do. You are so pleasant, so thoughtful, I was glad to have met you. I thank everybody that was a part of my care. I don't remember the names but I just want to say you all Rock!!! Thank you, Dr Raymond & Team.

Nov 16, 2016 by Janet Sterling
I was in so much pain when I got to Dr. Raymond's office. I've never had a toothache before. I am 46 years old and I've always taken care of my teeth, so you can just imagine the shock for me that somehow I had a abscess. Dr. Raymond had to perform emergency root canal. Here's the kicker, though, Dr. Raymond came in on a Saturday. He, actually, came in and took care of me on a day that he does not normally work. He did this because he cares about his patients. I was so humbled, so grateful, he's just that amazing, and I just thank God for Dr. Lindsey for referring me to him. P.S. He also call d and checked on me after each procedure. Thank you.

Nov 15, 2016 by Don Dooley
As a new resident of Atlanta, this was my first visit to Modern Endodonticcs and I was instantly comfortable. Dr. Raymond's staff have the perfect blend of friendliness and professionalism. The procedure itself was performed with great care; Dr. Raymond provided information every step of the way so that I was always fully informed. I experienced no aftereffects or discomfort whatsoever. Should I need any future root canals, Dr. Raymond will see me coming thru his door.

Nov 01, 2016 by Sharon Cott
Dr. Richard Raymond
Dr. Raymond and staff made getting a root canal an easy, pleasant experience. They made me feel comfortable and at ease, and Dr. Raymond was wonderful at explaining everything. I would highly recommend them, and would not hesitate to go back if I should ever need him again. Thank you, Dr. Raymond!

Oct 21, 2016 by Kathryn Smith
Absolutely HANDS DOWN BEST ENDO practice. Our family just relocated from California. STAFF is SO THOUGHTFUL, root canal was a PIECE OF CAKE. Very State of the art dental practice, can't say enough how Great of a Doctor/Dentist Doc Raymond is. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ KSmith Atlanta Ga

  • Dr Raymond was awesome and very professional and was tuned in to your comfort –- Rudolph Hawke 8-15-2016
  • Great Experience with Dr. Raymond and staff. –- Kenneth E. Futch 7-30-2016
  • Thanks to Dr. Raymond and staff for a wonderful experience. I can’t imagine how it could have been any better. They all made me feel right at home the entire time. The root canal was comfortable and painless and three days later my tooth is feeling back to normal. Great job! – Tom Mcaffrey 7-16-2016
  • Seriously, did I just have a root canal today? I was expecting to be home and out of commission but Dr. Raymond reassured me and told me I’d be able to go right back to work after, but I thought, “yeah right!” But he was right! It was soooooo easy and painless. I was right back at work after the appointment and gave a presentation that afternoon. Everyone at the office couldn’t believe I have just had a root canal a few hours before. I even went to my workout right after work today! Dr. Raymond is best. He’s got some serious root canal skills! –- Susan Harrell7-14-2016
  • Thank you for helping me through what was a very inconvenient situation. I was on vacation when my tooth went nuts with aching and pain. I had to end my trip early and get home to see my dentist. He referred me to Dr. Raymond and I am very grateful for that. My original root canal had some issues with it (done by another dentist years ago) and was a difficult experience, so I was very apprehensive about having another root canal. Thankfully, Dr. Raymond is an outstanding doctor and fixed everything. He was very gentle and painless. He did the treatment in two visits to make sure everything was absolutely perfect before he finished. After the first visit, things started feeling better very quickly. Dr. Raymond even called the next day to check in. I can’t thank Dr. Raymond and his staff enough for the level of care they gave me and for saving my tooth. –- Dave Griffith 7-13-2016
  • WOW! I’ve never been treated so well in all my years of going to the doctor or dentist. Excellent service by Dr. Raymond and his girls. Very comfortable root canal with no pain and great follow-up call from the doctor to check in on me. Thank you! –- Carmen Nadeau 6-28-2016
  • Dr. Raymond and his staff are awesome! I hate going to the dentist, but this was actually a very pleasant experience. Dr. Raymond was very gentle and painless. I had the worst toothache and it was completely gone after my root canal. He told me normally the tooth is tender for a few days after while it heals, but that was not the case for me. Zero tenderness, zero discomfort after! I am very impressed with the results and also how well Dr. Raymond’s team works together and all the new technology they have is very cool. I hope I don’t need another root canal, but if I do, I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Thanks again! — Travis Tuten 6-23-2016
  • Can’t begin to explain how pleasantly surprised I was to have a painless, comfortable root canal. Dr. Raymond was excellent and took the time to explain everything for me before and during the treatment. I felt very comfortable the entire time and could tell I was caring hands. Thank you to Dr. Raymond and his staff. –- Robert Meadows 6-21-2016
  • Five Star! Five Star! I highly recommend Dr. Raymond he did a fantastic job on my root Canal. He and his staff were very polite and professional with everything. They explained everything to me before procedure and after. I followed the directions Dr. Raymond gave me and everything turned out GREAT and pain pain free. –- Angela Bridges 6-12-2016
  • Dr. Raymond and staff were very friendly and professional! They made me feel very comfortable and explained the procedure very well. Thank You for your excellent service! — Jamie C. Smith Jr. 6-7-2016
  • My first visit to Dr Raymond’s office. Both Dr Raymond and April were great at putting me at ease. I was so relaxed I nearly fell asleep during the procedure! Thanks for making what could have been very unpleasant day, a pleasant one! — Kim Sullivan 5-22-2016
  • This is our second trip here. Both times Dr. Raymond and his staff was very knowledgeable and personable. They explain everything in full and go out of their way to ensure the patients comfortable. Would definitely recommend them to anyone!! — Michelle Cheney 5-20-2016
  • Dr Raymond recently did my root canal. Due to never having one before and my great fear of dentist, I was scared to death. Dr Raymond and his assistant April were absolutely wonderful. They did everything they could to put my mind at ease and make me comfortable. I highly recommend them and would definitely return to them if needed in the future. –- Melissa Guy 5-17-2016
  • I have been in the medical/dental field for over 30 years and have to say that Dr Raymond is one of the most outstanding professionals I have met. His level of knowledge, expertise, professionalism and caring are exceptional. I needed immediate care and his office quickly got me in. Dr Raymond clearly explained what was needed, showed me the problem on the x-ray, and made sure I was completely comfortable and pain free during the procedure. So much so that I could have easily taken a quick nap while he worked on my tooth. I continued to be impressed when he called a couple days later to see how I was doing. Dr Raymond is warm and friendly as is each of his office staff and assistants. I would very highly recommend him without any reservations! –- Laura Gluhm 4-20-2016
  • When my dentist told me I would most likely need a root canal, and maybe two, I was dreading the thought because I had one many years ago and remember it wasn’t that pleasant. My dentist assured me that I would be in good hands with Dr. Raymond. When I went in for my consultation, I felt very comfortable with the staff and with Dr. Raymond. He explained everything to me in an easy-to-understand manner and was able to fit me in that morning to do the first root canal. I experienced no discomfort during the procedure and very little afterwards. Because of the excellent job Dr. Raymond did, I am less anxious about the second root canal I will be having in a few weeks. The other thing that I was extremely impressed with was that Dr. Raymond called me personally two days after my treatment to inquire how I was doing. This level of concern and compassion is something you don’t see much these days, and I appreciate it very much. Thank you! –- Louanne Theriault 4-2-2016
  • I was referred by my dentist for a possible root canal. They were able to quickly get me in for an evaluation and even did the work on the same day so I didn’t have to wait over a weekend and come back in. Dr. Raymond and the staff were very nice. They even gave me the doctor’s personal cell phone in case I had any trouble over the weekend, and Dr. Raymond called me the next business day to make sure I was doing ok. — Tara Goehring 4-1-2016
  • One Word…. BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! –- Bj Moody 3-4-2016
  • Dr. Raymond gave me the best dental experience in my life and I hate going to the dentist. His assistant Donna was amazing as well. Thanks again! — Patrick Wells Whittenburg 2-24-2016
  • I can’t begin to tell you how fantastic Dr. Raymond and his entire staff was to me during one of the most painful experiences of my life. Over Thanksgivng holiday, i ended up with an absessed tooth and instead of going for help, I waited four days because I didn’t want to bother my dentist over a holiday. By Monday, my jaw looked like I had swallowed a small watermelon and I was in unbelievable pain. Dr. Sayer called and got me in immediately with Dr Raymond and within 24 hours, the pain was gone and the root canal itself was practically painless. April, his assistant, and Dr. Raymond are my new best friends!!! –- Pat Hodnett Cooper 2-5-2016
  • Absolutely recommend Dr. Raymond! The office SQUEEZED me in on a very busy day for them for an emergency root canal. Dr. Raymond and his staff eased my fears, realized my great pain, and explained every bit of the procedure to me step by step. Dr. Raymond talked to me through the whole ordeal, which was so appreciated. Look no further! — Gina Bridgewood Griffin 1-26-2016
  • I was VERY nervous about getting my 2 root canals done. Dr. Raymond and his staff were so great at easing my fears and making me comfortable. He even called me at home to check on me. If I have to do it again (which I hope I don’t), I would definitely go back to him. –Kate Kautz Boyer 1-24-2016
  • Dr. Richard Raymond really knows how to make you feel relaxed and comfortable for the procedure. — Michael Fleming 7-20-2015
  • Dr. Raymond was excellent !!!! I highly recommend him as I’ve had several root canals over the last few years which was painful but this was the first that was pain free. He explained the procedure and it was totally awesome !!!!! Also no pain afterwards. The staff also rocks!!!! Thank you so much for taking my fears away!!!!! — Linda Morris Williams Grimes July 25, 2015
  • Dr. Raymond did an excellent job. He took the time to explain to me exactly what he was doing and was very thorough with the root canal. He made sure that it was right before he was done. He took the time to make sure I was in no pain during the treatment and checked in during the procedure to make sure I was in no pain. He called the following day to see how I was doing and to make sure all was still good. I would highly recommend him for anyone that is in need of a Endontise. By far this was the best root canal I have had. Thanks Dr. Raymond. — Aaron Szala 10-24-2015
  • Having to have a root canal can be a very scary thought especially if you have never had one before. I was referred to Dr. Raymond at Coastal Endodontics. Not knowing what to expect, your first impression of the facility can make you at ease or nervous. When I first got there everyone was VERY Professional, Very Courteous and a SPOTLESS Facility. Dr. Raymond was very clear as to what he would be doing the entire time. My procedure NEVER hurt. I have not even had any pain afterwards. I would recommend him and his staff, Excellent Job! –- Brenda Barrett Hampton 10-25-2015
  • Having pretty perfect teeth all my life, I’ve gone decades without cavities and never had a root canal. I’ve heard others complain about how painful it was but that was all I knew. Then my dentist told me I needed a root canal. My dental hygienist told me she had one at Coastal Endodontics a few months ago and she had had no pain and that root canals aren’t what they used to be. Apprehensive and nervous, I had the root canal. The procedure took just under 90 minutes. Dr. Raymond and his assistant were most pleasant and professional and he was so gentle and caring and informative as to what he was doing. I did not experience any pain during the procedure and absolutely none afterward. I am so grateful to Dr. Raymond and his staff for a wonderfully pain-free experience and if I ever need another root canal I know for sure where I’ll go. Thank you Dr. Raymond! Great chairside manner! — Barbara J Becker Wilson 10-28-2015
  • Dr. Richard Raymond and his staff are very professional and as the others say, he takes the time to explain the procedure, the procedure was painless, absolutely painless. I will defiantly recommend Dr. Richards to someone that needs the same procedure. I was really taken for surprise when he called to check on how I was feeling and progressing. Outstanding!!!! And a extra stars for the Doc and staff. — Brian C Hollingshead 10-29-2015
  • I had a root canal done yesterday at the Hinesville location. Dr. Raymond did the procedure. He was very professional! He was very thorough and attentive to my needs! Another plus for him was how gentle he was! He was so gentle that I even dozed off during my procedure! If I ever have to have one again, I will definitely be going back to him!! His assistant was also very nice, and the office was very clean!! I will be recommending this practice to others in the future!! Thank you for making my experience so comfortable!! — Shea Phillips Davis 11-5-2015
  • Really good experience. Not everyday you can say you had a painless root canal. –- Grant Fair 11-9-2015
  • Dr. Raymond was super nice, gentle, and relatable. He explained everything that he was going to do and made things as easy as possible to understand. After I was numbed, I didn’t feel a thing, and had no pain in my tooth at all after the root canal. I would definitely recommend Dr. Raymond. –- Jenny Van’t Land 11-10-2015
  • I went here for emergency root canal. The staff and Dr. Raymond are amazing. They really cared about me. Dr. Raymond even called me on a SATURDAY to follow up. I have never had a doctor or dentist do that before. Great place! ! Thank you! –- Donna Eskenazi 11-24-2015
  • Great job Dr. Raymond! This was my first root canal and was expecting to experience pain during and after procedure. I had absolutely no pain at all. I highly recommend your services to anyone needing dental work. Thanks! — Bill Thomas 12-7-2015
  • Dr Raymond and his staff provided excellent care and customer service. Almost want to have another root canal! –- Nardis Keller 1-14-2016
  • Dr Raymond and his staff provided excellent care and customer service. Almost want to have another root canal! — Emita Guity Bethel 1-17-2016
  • Never having had a root canal I was a bit apprehensive going in. I needn’t have worried. I doubt the experience could have been any better under the circumstances. Everyone was pleasant and professional and I appreciated the personal follow-up call a few days later. I hope I don’t need another root canal, but if I do, this is where I’ll be. Highly recommended. –- Larry Wilson 2-23-2016
  • Dr. Richard Raymond was excellent, his staff extremely professional, personable, and caring. I was in alot of pain and in need of 2 root canals….just a few days before Christmas…and two weeks of International travel. My concern was that I would be in pain, or have go cancel the trips. Dr. Raymond assured me all would go fine….he was right!! No pain during the procedure. ..and extremely minimum after!! I would highly recommend Dr. Raymond, number one Endodontist hands down!! — Clara McAtee 1-7-2016
  • My first root canal and I was very nervous. The staff and Dr Raymond were wonderful. I had no pain with the procedure and would highly recommend Dr. Raymond. –- Ginger Parker Boswell 1-11-2016
  • Dr. Richmond Raymond was everything a professional should be.This was my second root canal and by for my best experience. I would recommend Dr. Raymond for your root canal procedure. –- Ray Lipps 1-23-2016
  • I posted right after my procedure but it has disappeared from the site. This was my first root canal and I entered with great fear and hesitation. Those fears proved to be needless. The entire experience was painfree and pleasant. Dr. Raymond is skilled and caring. I was shocked to get a phone call on New Year’s Eve day from the doctor to follow up on my progress. I have recommended him to my regular dentist and will use his services should they ever be needed again. Five stars to a friendly, professional staff as well. — Sharon Payne Peters 1-8-2016
  • I had a root canal on Thursday. Dr. Raymond and his staff were caring, professional, and kind. I have been in healthcare for many years and I have never had a doctor call me on Saturday just to check on me. Thank you Dr. Raymond and staff for your excellent care! — Alisa Harvey Keith 1-23-2016
  • Dr. Raymond is the best! I would honestly have him perform a root canal than any other dentist perform a regular filling–it’s virtually pain free! I even received a personal follow up phone call from Dr. Raymond to make sure I was doing okay. — Carol Ann Wages 1-8-2016
  • Extremely professional and was a quick and painless procedure. — Bill Welch 12-13-2015
  • Best dental experience ever! Thank you Dr. Raymond! — Ann Staak Duffy 11-17-2015